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Web services support download video online in any quality (360p, 480p, HD, FullHD, UltraHD) and any format (mp4, webm, audio, 3gp). X2Covnert is best YouTube Converter - YouTube to MP3, MP4 and many other format. YTD Video Downloader. YTD is a lightweight YouTube audio ripper running on Windows and Mac. It can detect YouTube videos in an entire playlist or save all the videos from a specific channel. If you are an audiophile and prefer to archive those lovely melodies from a YouTube video, this tool helps you to convert online video into MP3 on-the-fly. Aug 18, 2021 With the Free YouTube Downloader, you can download audio from YouTube to MP3 or M4A. The Free YouTube Downloader is also a YouTube audio downloader online. You can download YouTube audio in 128kbps standard resolution. When you want to download a YouTube video to MP3 format, you need to convert it into an MP3 audio format and save that audio file in your mobile or PC to listen offline.

There are a lot of great lectures and TED talks on YouTube that I would like to listen to while driving. I don’t want the video, just the audio. Is that possible to download to my PC, and if so, can I do it without installing any extensions or dubious third-party apps?

Downloading content from YouTube is a popular task and while it might seem impossible at first glance, it’s actually quite doable on your Windows PC. There are lots of Web sites that promise an online solution, but almost none of them work. There are also extensions, toolbars, and similar that you can install in your Web browser to do the job, but I don’t trust third party solutions from unknown developers, particularly those from overseas countries known to be involved in malware development (I’m looking at you Eastern Europe and China).

Instead, you’ll want to download an open source program that’s been around forever and is a great addition to your PC anyway: VLC. It’s primarily a video file player that can handle just about any format you need, from .MKV to .MOV to .AVI, but it has lots of additional superpowers too…

Start here by downloading VLC for your computer:

Now let’s get to it!


The first step is to identify the YouTube video from which you want to download the audio. I’ll use the catchy music from the popular Disneyland attraction It’s A Small World for this demo. A quick search on YouTube and there is indeed a video with a high-quality audio track:

I know you can hear this music in your head now, right? “It’s a world of laughter, a world of tears. It’s a world of hopes and a world of fears. There’s so much that we share that it’s time we’re aware, it’s a small world after all.” You can listen to the entire track – all 13 minutes of it! – if you want, but let’s stay focused. What you need from this screen on YouTube is the URL of this particular video. That can be found in the address bar:

Click in the address bar, then choose Edit > Select All and Edit > Copy. Now you have that URL in the clipboard. Great!

Launch VLC and choose File > Open Network Stream:

This will bring up the following window:

As you can see, I’ve pasted the YouTube URL into the input box. You can do that by clicking in the box, then Edit > Paste. There are other Web sites that VLC can work with, but this works just fine with YouTube.

Proceed by clicking on “Play” on the lower right. Now the same video will show up within VLC and start playing:

Now you’re watching a YouTube video without being in your Web browser.

There is just one moon
And one golden sun
And a smile means
Friendship to ev’ryone…

You’re not quite ready to save the audio track, however, because you need to use VLC to extract a different Web source address first.


While your video is playing, choose Tools > Codec Information, as shown:

The “Codec” is essentially the compression approach that is utilized by YouTube with this video. Choose “Codec Information” and a ton of super technical data is displayed in another window:

The good news is that you don’t have to care about any of this. All you want is to grab the URL in the “Location” box on the bottom. As you can see, it’s a pretty gnarly address, one you really don’t want to write down! 🤓 Again, click in the box, then choose Edit > Select All and Edit > Copy to ensure you get every character of the location information.

Almost done.

Now go back to the File > Open Network Stream option and paste this new, complicated, URL into the box:

This time, however, you aren’t going to click on the “Play” button but on the tiny triangle adjacent to it. There are in fact four options for proceeding from this particular window:

As shown, choose “Convert“. Now, finally, the last window of this rather convoluted process pops up:

The source is already specified as the address you copied earlier. Choose “Audio – MP3” from the (huge) list of output “profiles”, as shown. You can leave it with all the default settings. Then click on “Browse“, choose a destination location, and an output filename. It’ll automatically add the “.mp3” filename suffix.

Audio From Youtube Video Download

Got it all set up? Huzzah! Click on “Start” and it’ll download just the audio stream and save it. The good news is that it’s fast; much faster than downloading the video would be. My 13min video took about 20 seconds to download.

Done. That’s it. Now you have an MP3 file that contains the audio content from the YouTube video you want to hear. You can copy that onto your phone or tablet, drop it into a favorites Dropbox or OneDrive folder, or whatever else you’d like to do. Or just double click and you can listen to it in Groove Music:

Yeah, no album artwork, no fancy track name. You can add that if you want, but it’s another series of convoluted steps so I usually just ignore it, particularly for a listen-once sort of audio track like this.

And don’t worry. The first time you do this process it’ll feel slow and clumsy, but with a bit of practice you’ll be building up audio libraries of your favorite lectures and other audio content from YouTube videos like a pro!

Pro Tip: I’ve been writing about Windows 10 for quite some time and earlier versions of Windows before that. While you’re visiting, why not check out my Windows 10 & PC help area? Thanks!

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Top lectures, top debates, and top music are present on YouTube. But watching them is time-consuming. This is where people want to rip audio from YouTube videos. The ability to extract audio from YouTube will allow them to listen to these audios anywhere, anytime.

Many online websites are famous for extracting audio from YouTubevideos. They let you choose the available audio formats like MP3, WAV, etc. Then, you can download the converted file on your device. And the best part is that it is completely free.

Here, we will show you 2 ways of how to rip audio from YouTubeusing 'free and secure' websites:

Method 1: Rip Audio from YouTube Online

Most people happen to fancy background music or audio while streaming on YouTube. Downloading an audio ripper software might be inconvenient for them. So, they prefer to extract audio from YouTubein an online way. For this purpose, Ytmp3 is the recommended option. This tool is 'free and safe' and easy to use. You can convert YouTube videos into mp3 and mp4 formats. A simple step-by-step guide is provided for your convenience:

Step 1: Copy YouTube video URL and Paste into Ytmp3

Firstly, copy the URL of the YouTube video you wish to convert. Then, go to the Ytmp3 websiteand paste the URL into the box shown on the home page.

Step 2: Choose the format and convert

Secondly, you can choose the available formats. The website offers two formats; mp3 (audio) and mp4 (video). As you want to rip audio from YouTube, choose the mp3 format. Afterward, click the convert button to start the process.

Step 3: Download the converted file

Lastly, you can click on the Download or Dropbox button. Clicking on the button will get your file downloaded. Additionally, you can choose to convert more..Otherwise, you can access the downloaded file.

Method 2: Extract Audio from YouTube Using Desktop Software

Sometimes you watch a YouTube video and happen to like the audio but not the video. To just listen to the audio in the video, you need torip audio from the YouTube video. For this purpose, the4K Video Downloader is the best desktop software for ripping audios. The software can extract audio from YouTube videos and convert it into an mp3 file. This software is available both free and paid. A step-by-step guide is provided for your convenience:

Step 1: Launch 4K Video Downloader and paste the URL

Firstly, launch the software. Then, copy the YouTube URL. Now, click the Paste Link option on the top left corner. Then, a pop-up will appear where you have to select Extract Audiooption.

Step 2: Choose the quality

After that, you have to choose the quality for the to-be-extracted file.

Step 3: Choose the format and extract

Lastly, choose the format (MP3, M4A, OGG) of your file. Afterward, hit the Extract button to extract audio from the YouTube video. After the process is complete, you can access the file.

A Legal Warning for Ripping Audio from YouTube

Is the downloading of YouTube videos, including ripping audio from YouTube videos, legal? Here, we'll have a brief discussion regarding the legality of downloading and converting YouTube videos.

According to YouTube's Terms of Service, it is completely illegal to download, convert, or share the video without getting the appropriate permission from the owner.

However, there are some types of videos that are legal to download, and you can extract audio from YouTube videos falling into these categories:

Audio From Youtube Video Download Mp3

  • Public Domain: These videos' copyright is either expired or abandoned. So, there is no owner, and the public can use the video for any purpose.
  • Creative Commons: These videos are owned by the artists, but they have allowed the public to reproduce and share the content.
  • Copyleft: These videos are granted free rights to change, share, and reproduce as long as the same rights apply to derivative content.

Bonus: How to Edit the Audio to Your Own Video

Usually, the audio of your video is not clear. Sometimes the background music is irritating, and you want to replace it. In short, the point is to edit and enhance the audio track of your video. All these changes can be achieved by using Filmora.

Wondershare Filmora is a video editing tool equipped with many features. Along with video editing options, this tool is perfect for audio editing. This software allows you to trim, add effects, or replace the audio track of your video. A simple step-by-step guide is provided for your convenience:

Step 1: Import the media

Firstly, after downloading and installing the software. Click on Files, then select import media files.

Step 2: Add Audio from the Audio Tab

Then, click the Audio tab to add audio or background music to your video.

Step 3: Set the Speed and Duration

To set the speed and the duration, right-click on the audio timeline or press CTRL+R. Now you can modify the settings.

Step 4: Adjusting the audio

The next step is to adjust the audio setting by double-clicking on the audio timeline. You can modify Pitch, Fade in/Fade out, etc.

Step 5: Add your own voice via Voiceover

You can add your own voice too. Just click on the voiceover icon on the right side to record your audio.

Step 6: Export the media

Lastly, click on the Export button to save your project where you want.

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